Rapsri manufactures castings in a wide range of copper and copper alloy specifications. While Rapsri has a comprehensive proprietary range of alloys that are equivalent to various international standardsí specifications, one of the key capabilities of Rapsri is to custom manufacture alloys in specifications that the customer desires. A wide range of alloys in the following broad categories is possible.
Please contact us with your specific needs.

  • Aluminum Bronzes: Magnetic, Non Magnetic, Corrosion Resistant grades
  • Gun Metals: Leaded gun metals and corrosion resistant grades
  • Leaded Bronzes: Commercial Grades and High Leaded grades (Aero Space)
  • Lead Free Bronzes: Attractive substitutes for lead with good machining properties
  • Gear Bronze
  • Silicon Brass/Bronze
  • Manganese Brass/Bronze
  • High Conductivity Copper
  • Copper Chromium/Zirconium
  • Copper Beryllium
  • Zinc Aluminum ( Substituting Bronzes)

This section will be updated shortly with a comprehensive list of alloys that Rapsri currently manufactures.