1971 1980 1990 2000
  • Rapsri was established as a
    foundry and machine shop to
    make bronze bushings for Automotive OEMs.
  • Developed shell moulding process when the rest of the industry was using green sand moulding process.
  • Focus on value addition by machining castings way back in the 1970s.
  • Rapsri identified growing demand for high conductivity copper in electrical power distribution industry for diversification.
  • Technical collaboration with French foundry for development of high conductivity copper castings
  • Developed gravity die casting process and continuous casting process for production of bushings.
  • Commitment to new technology as the means to offset competition.
  • Rapsri was one of the first foundries in India to be certified ISO 9002 in 1994.
  • Certification changed in 1996 to ISO 9001 based on extensive capability in design and development.
  • Developed centrifugal casting process for copper alloys.
  • Modernized the foundry and machine shop for expansion and technical capabilities.
  • Commitment to systems conformance to improve product and process reliability and quality.
  • Rapsri was QS 9000 certified to the stringent needs of the global auto OEM standards in 2000.
  • Sales, warehousing and distribution partnerships in USA, UK and Europe to service the global needs of customers- “comforts of local sourcing and the advantages of global sourcing.”
  • Developed gravity die casting (permanent mould castings) to produce near net shape castings in high conductivity copper and short freezing range of copper alloys.
  • Certification upgraded to TS 16949 systems standard.
  • Commitment to structuring the company by alignment of product-process-market to support customer response and build domain knowledge.