Quality Policy

Rapsri is committed to continuously upgrading its systems and processes which are calibrated to international standards and certified by certification audit agencies of international repute. Rapsri believes that product quality is ensured by reliable processes which conform to stringent systems audits. After having been certified to ISO 9002, ISO 9001 and QS 9000, Rapsri is now certified to TS 16949 standards for automotive customers and ISO 9001:2000 for non automotive customers.

Rapsriís stated quality policy is follows:


We will strive to satisfy customers by consciously adding value in all our product and service offerings. We will implement engineering, systemic and technological suggestions for improvement aimed at mutual benefit.

We will provide an environment for business partners which inspires innovation, change, and self development towards creating wealth.

Excellence will be synonymous with any Rapsri endeavour.


Improve systems and practices continuously for achieving product and process superiority.

Develop engineering and technological skills towards enhancing the value proposition.

Select and apply the appropriate techniques that will enable us to dominate the global market.

Consistent with Rapsriís commitment to continuously upgrade its systems, Rapsri is planning to go in for ISO 14000 for environmental standards and for AS 9100 for aero space certification.