Alloy RB031

RB031 is manganese-silicon brass along with other minor additions made for tailor made properties. This alloy possesses high strength coupled with excellent bearing properties for applications of heavy duty and high strength, wear resistance, superior bearing properties and increased machinability.

The microstructure consists of uniformly distributed intermetallic precipitates of manganese silicides in the matrix of a+. Therefore, the alloy possesses a high hardness ratio, which is characterized as the ratio between the micro hardness of the precipitates to that of the matrix. The mating member is carried on the hard precipitates with low coefficient of friction, while the softer areas act as reservoirs for lubricant.

Typical Mechanical Properties:

Tensile Properties:
Yield Strength : 399 MPa
Ultimate Tensile Strength : 585 MPa
% elongation : 10

Compressive Properties:
Yield Strength : 328 MPa
Ultimate Tensile Strength : 852 MPa

BHN : 180 - 185

Coefficient of friction: 0.1

PV Value: > 5.27 MPa. m/s (or 150 000 psi. fpm)

Why RB031?

Alloy RB031 can replace most of the conventional bearing alloys like tin bronzes, gun metals, and aluminum bronzes etc providing improved or at least similar performance and, this performance is provided at reduced alloy cost as alloy RB031 is a Cu-Zn (brass) family alloy with copper typically in the range of 55-60% as compared to other high copper and even more expensive tin containing bearing materials.


For more details see the materials data sheet