Leadership at Rapsri

We are a family-owned, professionally managed company with a well-planned organisational structure Headed by our founder and chairman Dr P Sriram, our management ensures to deliver the best outcome by maintaining coordination among various departments.


Catch a glimpse of our amazing team in action along with some of the latest events and activities conducted at our facilities.


With a rich legacy of over 50 years, we have emerged as one of the largest copper and copper alloy foundries in India. We have developed and maintained a strong performance-oriented culture with career development linked to company performance and individual contribution. Our amazing team of thinkers, explorers, and creators thrive on everyday challenges and explore out-of-the-box ideas to propel manufacturing excellence.

We recruit, promote, and retain people with high intellect and integrity. Our management recognises both team players and individual performers, depending on their role and level in the organization. While recruiting, we look at the stability of the candidate and place a premium on those who have developed their career in a single organisation during the course of their employment.

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Our People
  • Continuous learning and developing others

    Develops self and fosters development in others

  • Customer focus and stakeholder partnering

    Exceeds customer expectations and builds an environment for stakeholders to be partners of Rapsri

  • Process and execution excellence

    Adheres to process and importance along with execution excellence

  • Communication

    Fosters open, brief, and clear communication

  • Decision making

    Takes decisions and acts as a problem solver

  • Team commitment

    Establishes synergy and works in diverse teams

  • Individual initiative

    Seizes opportunities
  • Analytical thinking

    Analyses information to take informed decisions
  • Planning and organising

    Achieves objectives and targets with optimum use of resources

Code of Conduct

At Rapsri, we have a strict code of conduct that needs to be abided by all our employees. This includes:
  • No discriminating on any ground, including race, caste, religion, colour, ancestry, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, ethnic origin, and disability, while dealing with team members, superiors, peers, and vendors
  • Treating everyone with dignity and respect, and zero tolerance to any form of harassment — be it sexual, physical, verbal or psychological
  • No threatening, intimidating, or harassing another employee, supervisor, visitor, supplier, or vendor, or committing any act of violence or improper, unethical, or immoral conduct
  • No bribing or accepting gifts
  • Respecting and protecting all confidential information and intellectual property 
  • No engaging in any business, relationship or activity that might conflict with the interest of the organisation
  • No conducting of any private business (such as insurance or others) in the organisation that may involve dealing with employees, vendors, and others
  • No lending of  money to any employee (on rolls or on contract) or to any vendor of the organisation 
  • No soliciting or collecting money for any purpose whatsoever
  • No using abusive, profane, or improper language to another employee, supervisor, vendor, supplier, contractor, and visitor 
  • No using or possessing of explosives or weapons on company premises at any time
  • No using or possessing of alcohol, drugs or similar substances

Job Openings

Senior and Mid Management Opportunities

We are seeking to hire senior and mid management executives who possess the abilities to provide key deliverables that are aligned to our organizational goals. 

Contact our Human relations department by sending an email at along with your profile. We will share with you a detailed job description and self-assessment questionnaire before scheduling an interview.

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