Accelerating growth in process industries
with high-performance materials

We offer a host of high-performance materials and specialty alloys designed to address the challenges associated with process industries such as marine, pumps and valves, and fire safety.

Our products made of quality alloys protect coatings, alleviate biofouling concerns, and provide a reusable housing component system. These components are able to withstand extreme high and low temperatures, shock loads, and heavy vibration required for the marine industry.

At Rapsri, we also manufacture pumps and valves in a variety of types, designs, and sizes. Each type of valve and pump is designed to serve the purpose of a specific application. Our components made of high-quality copper and bronze alloys are produced by die casting, which helps them to withstand even the most aggressive gaseous and liquid media. Furthermore, these parts are characterized by high mechanical strength and durability.

Our range of fire safety products are made of superior grade raw material to ensure efficient functioning at the time of need. Available in different specifications and dimensions, these components can also be customized as per the requirements of our clients.

Product Portfolio